• [Samsung DeX] Optimization of VNC client for Samsung DeX new

    Blog May 25, 2017

    As you know, in late March, at the same time with the new flagship, Samsung introduced a new product - DeX station for Galaxy S8/S8+. It is designed to give a desktop experience for you Smartphone with the help of a special mode.This mode is activated when the Smartphone is placed in DeX station. Also you will need a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor connected via HDMI. Besi...

  • [Samsung DeX] Setting up Freeform Application in Android Studio Emulator

    Blog May 11, 2017

    If you don’t have the Dex Station, you can test your app resize behavior in Android Studio using Android Virtual Device. These are the steps to set-up DeX freeform emulator environment:Run AVD Manager (it is located on top menu of Android Studio)Click Create Virtual DeviceSelect the device definition with name Nexus 6PClick the download link next to ‘Nougat’ or click...

  • [Samsung DeX] Multi Instance Application on Samsung DeX

    Blog May 11, 2017

    Multi Instance Application on Samsung DeXCreating application compatible with Samsung DeX is not very demanding, but can lead to extending the usage of app, using external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Below you can find the example of usage of Multi Instance application on Samsung DeX.Scope:Multi Instance Application (i.e. messaging app). This application allows to have on...

  • [Samsung DeX] Know More about DeX Station

    Blog May 11, 2017

    As you may know Samsung DeX is a new way to experience your Android Device. With Samsung Dex, you can experience Android application in a desktop environment. In order to get Samsung DeX experience, one of the devices you need is a DeX Station. DeX Station is used as the intermediary connector between the mobile device with external display. DeX Station contains multiple p...

  • [Samsung DeX] Resizable Window

    Blog Apr 27, 2017

    Samsung DeX is one of the cool feature that enables you to run your android application in desktop like environment. Running your android application in Desktop. Really? Interaction with mouse and keyboard? Multiple application on same screen? Can we resize the screen size of apps? These are the obvious question that comes to your mind when you heard about running you appl...

  • Samsung’s Second Tizen .NET Developer Preview Introduces New Design Tools and Sup...

    News Feb 17, 2017

    Samsung Electronics released the second preview of Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen app developers.

  • Experience a Sneak Peek of Android 7.0 Nougat through the ‘Galaxy Beta Progra... hot

    News Nov 29, 2016

    Samsung Electronics is offering Galaxy users the opportunity to experience the new features of the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system ahead of its launch through the Galaxy Beta Program.- Galaxy Beta Program started · U.S., U.K. Korea opened at November 9 · China opened at November 18 For the more users can participate in Galaxy Beta Program, Additional Galaxy Beta P...

  • TIZEN Incentive Program

    Events Nov 24, 2016

    Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program welcomes all international developers. We are offering max $9 million cash in prizes during the 9 months. You can earn $10,000 every month if your app is ranked the monthly top 100. Join the Tizen now to receive the benefits of our awesome program!

  • How to set up Unity IAP for Samsung IAP hot

    Blog Oct 12, 2016

    IntroductionThis guide describes the process of establishing the digital records and relationships necessary for a Unity app to interact with Samsung In-App Purchase. The Unity IAP purchasing API is targeted. Therefore it is highly recommended that you use Unity Editor and Unity IAP before you read the guide.In-app purchasing (IAP) is the process of transacting money for d...

  • [Photo] Samsung Meets Mobile Game Developers in India at Pocket Gamer Connects ... hot

    Events Apr 26, 2016

    Samsung game developers met at the Bangalore, India edition of the Pocket Gamer Connects 2016 conference, which was held from April 21 to 22. About 2,000 developers discussed the latest trends in gaming and the prospects for their future at the conference, the world’s largest series of mobile gaming events.At this year’s Bangalore event, Samsung’s booth presented an ...